BC Ceramics

Acquired from the founders in 2012 the business has grown from two sites to seven today.

BC Ceramics retails & distributes tiles bought direct from manufacturers in Europe and the Rest of the World.  The business has historically focused on trade customers but has expanded into retail consumers as well as launching a new consumer focused brand called Grout Tiles.

Original Acquisition

Acquired in 2012, Merino took an active role in the initial period of ownership as part of an operational improvement plan.


BC acquired three new sites in North London from the retiring owner in H1 of 2018.

Capitol Tiles

In Q4 of 2018, BC Ceramics acquired 6 retail sites from Capitol Tiles (in Administration).  These included a number of sites in and around the home counties, a site in Fulham and a tile and bathroom store.

The business journey

June, 2012
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Original acquisition by Merino & active management position taken for c.12 months.  Technology & back office systems implemented.

June, 2016
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Rogers Ceramics, a local competitor, falls into administration & BC Ceramics acquires its Hayward Heath site which continues to be an important part of the BC network today.

April, 2018
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Grout Tiles launches in East Sheen with a full shop refurbishment & a new team.  The new site is focused on consumers rather than BC’s historic focus on trade relationships.

June, 2018
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BC Ceramics acquires three north London sites from the retiring owner of Checkalow.

October, 2018
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In Q4 of 2018, BC Ceramics acquired 6 sites out of the Capitol Tiles administration.  This continues the investment in and expansion of BC Ceramics beyond its original footprint to a now extensive group.

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