Longden Doors

Longden Doors is the UK’s leading manufacturer of hardwood doors.

Manufacturing on site in Newton Aycliffe and distributing across the breadth of the UK direct to contractors and end users, Longden specialise in high-end applications and the heritage market.

Hardwood Doorset Manufacture

The business manufactures hardwood doorsets, including frames, specified and certified to whatever the application demands.  Merging artisanal level joinery with modern machinery techniques, the level of flexibility in the manufacturing is extensive – meaning almost any heritage requirement can be met.

Bespoke Manufacturing

The extent of the manufacturing capability at Longden is far reaching.  The business focuses on high performance, hardwood applications and quality customers & end users.

Product Certification

The focus is to grow the topline by growing the sales and marketing capability of the business; in addition to continue to provide confidence to end users in a tightening regulatory environment.

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